Easter At OSNY



March 25-28

Over the duration of the fast, the goal is simple: to live on less of that which seems so essential (food) in order to focus on the only thing that can truly fill us up, Jesus. Specifically it’s an opportunity for God’s people to focus on “feeding” and sustaining themselves through prayer and a focus on God’s promises.

It is suggested that over 72 hours—beginning at dinner on Sunday, March 25th and ending at dinner on Wednesday, March 28th—you join the rest of OSNY, in a solid food fast. A solid food fast is where an individual will drink necessary amounts of juice and water—supplemented with things like Jell-O and yogurt—but chooses not to eat any solid foods. In place of meal times, a provided booklet will provide you with a series of short devotions to serve as a guide for prayer.




March 30

Join us on Good Friday, March 30th at 7PM for a Service of Darkness. Through scripture, song, and sermon we will turn our attention to the death of Jesus Christ, bringing to light the deep corruption of humanity and the unsurprising beauty of Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf. The service will also feature the Lord's Supper.

7:00PM | QUEENS PARISH [92-14 63rd Drive, Queens] 
7:00PM | MIDTOWN PARISH [417 W 57th St, Manhattan] 



March 31

Every year the people of OSNY love to throw a big Easter party for their neighbors and this year is no different. We will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunts for our Rego Park neighbors and and an Easter Bunny Meet-N-Greet and treats to take home for our Midtown neighbors. Both events are FREE and everyone is welcome to attend. 

11:00AM - 1:00 PM | DE WITT CLINTON PARK [W. 52 St. To W. 54 St., 11 Ave. To 12 Ave.]
1:00PM - 3:00 PM | QUEENS PARISH [92-14 63rd Drive, Queens]




Join us Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, by which we are brought from death to life. The service will feature music led by local artists, the (true) story of Jesus' rise from the grave and a message that will make sense.

9:00AM & 10:30AM | QUEENS PARISH [92-14 63rd Drive, Queens]
6:00PM | MIDTOWN PARISH [417 W 57th St, Manhattan]