Missional Communities


Each congregation of OSNY is made up of multiple Missional Communities. MC's are groups of 10-20 who meet monthly to share a meal, meet their neighbors, grow in their faith, and make plans for serving the neighborhood. MC'S are the primary place where "church" is experienced.

Each MC has a leader who helps organize the gatherings and ensure that things like pastoral care takes place, the community is served and that more MC's are started as each one grows. Within each MC are smaller Missional Groups where deeper formation takes place. The path into a Missional Group is through Missional Communities - if you're interested in either, join us.


Queens [Rego Park]

• The Legacy Group •

Gathers monthly | 11:30AM-1:30PM

This group seeks to gather in comunity with the older members of OSNY, specifically those ages 50 and up. 

MC Leader | Info
Fursey McCormack // fmccormack@our-saviour.org // 646.287.4076

• The Connect Group •

Gathers monthly | 6-8PM

This group specifically designed for those new to OSNY and looking to connect and friends.

MC Leader | Info
Victor Castillo  // vcastillo@our-saviour.org 

• The Womens Group •

Gathers every 2nd Wednesday of the Month | 7PM

This group specifically designed for the mothers of OSNY and our neighborhood.

MC Leader | Info
Diana Castillo // sra.djcastillo@gmail.com // 347.445.6855
Donna Keeley // donna.keeley@lw.com // 917.667.1817


Manhattan [Midtown] 

• Manhattan North •

Gathers Monthly in Midtown | 7PM

This group seeks to gather together in community with those living in the uptown Manhattan area, as well as friends from the Bronx and Queens.

MC Leader | Info
Blake Flattley // blakeflattley@gmail.com 

• Manhattan South •

Gathers Monthly in the East Village | 7PM

This group seeks to gather in community with those living in lower Manhattan and in Brooklyn.

MC Leader | Info
Daniel O'Shoney // doshoney@our-saviour.org
Alex Shellhammer // shellhammer.10@gmail.com