OSNY: Project Welcome

In response to God’s great love for us, and in a desire to fulfill God’s call for us to love our neighbor, Our Saviour is sponsoring a refugee family from Afghanistan. Over the next few years we will seek, in various ways, to serve as a source of encouragement and blessing to this family.

About our Family: 
We are supporting a family of four: Obaidullah and Nargis have been married for several years and have two children, Akbar Jan who is 3 years old and Emron, who is 3 months old.

For many years, Obaidullah worked as a convoy driver for the U.S. military. As he transported members of the armed forces, he was often in danger’s way. This danger paled, however, when he began to receive threats on his life and the lives of his wife and son from factions opposed to American involvement in Afghanistan. Concerned for the safety of his family, Obaidullah applied for Special Immigrant Visas, and—in July of 2017—became refugees, taking residence in Georgia. 

4 Ways to Support (Now - December 1)

  1. GIVE to the Refugee Fund, for our Phase 1 Goal of $2,000

    Providing 2 months of rent and one year of internet, for communicating with family
    Include “Project Welcome” as a note with your online (.com/give) or in-person gift
  1. PURCHASE and DROP-OFF an item from the list below to be sent in a “Welcome Basket”
    For Emron: Diapers, size 2 and up
    For Akbar: Construction themed toys
    For Obaidullah and Nargis: Wal-Mart / Target gift cards
  1. DONATE and DROP-OFF a used laptop or tablet to help the family access the internet:
    Must be in good, working condition.
    Donated tech will be wiped and refurbished by OSNY.
  1. WRITE a NOTE of welcome to members of the family
    See below for instructions and mailing address

To Keep in Mind:
Obaidullah and Nargis are a devoutly Muslim family, and come from a very different culture than our own. And our desire is to serve them in a way that be received, appreciated, and enjoyed by them. To that end, we must refrain—in our cards, notes, letters, and gifts—from any attempt to overtly share our Christian faith apart from the witness of our generosity itself. 

Likewise, when writing cards or notes men should communicate only with Obaidullah, women with Nargis, and children with Akbar and Emron. Lastly, in our correspondence please refrain from asking for photos, as some devoutly muslim families do not allow for pictures/depictions of themselves or animals.

For those Writing Notes:
Help us welcome our refugee family by writing to them to let them know they are welcome here, and that we are here to encourage them as they create their life here in the United States. Share some basic information about yourself, express your joy over their resettlement in the US, and perhaps ask a simple—but non-intrusive—question.

Adult males write to Obaidulaih (Father)
Adult females write to Nargis (Mother)
Children under 18 write to Akbar Jan (3 Y/O Son).

Please avoid photos and depictions of people / animals and please, do not request a family photo.

The family’s address is 3421 Valley Brook Place, Decatur, GA  30033

For questions or ideas reach out to Mike Arcati, the project chair: [michaelarcati@hotmail.com]